The cracked foundation:
How hidden flaws undermine the acceptance of advanced software technology

    Evan's business interests include the following:

  • Open Design Alliance - President and Executive Director
  • Cyon Research Corporation - Co-founder and former CTO
  • The CAD Society - Former president
  • Evan is the president of The Open Design Alliance, a non-profit industry consortium dedicated to promoting open standards for the exchange of CAD data. The Open Design Alliance has as members the vast majority of CAD software developers worldwide. He was the Director of Cyon Research Intelligence and Cyon Research Labs; Columnist for EA Report, Conference Manager of COFES, President of The CAD Society; and consultant for Cyon Research. Yares is a frequent lecturer, and has been a featured speaker at many industry conferences. He has also written extensively for a number of industry publications, including CADalyst, Computer Graphics World, Digital Graphics, PC Week, Byte, and others. Yares holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.