Second isicad Forum
PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia
31 May - 2 June
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isicad-2006: PLM+ERP

Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (TVEL Corporation)
Development of effective management for software application at JSC NZHK. (Process-oriented software application, ARIS methodology for automation of business processes).


- one of the greatest enterprises of Russian nuclear fuel cycles engaged in production of nuclear fuel for power and research reactors, lithium and its compounds which was founded in September, 25 1948.

at present — enterprise with harmonically developed infrastructure manufacturing products conforming to world standards and developing the advanced technologies.

cooperates with 24 foreign firms on long-term basis and guarantees its partners high quality of products as well as reliability in fulfillment of contractual obligations. The enterprise constitutes complex of chemical and machine-building production manufacturing the following:

Quality assurance system (QAS) for nuclear fuel, lithium and its compounds production has been developed in accordance with ISO 9000 international standards and it is being constantly improved. Since 1995 the quality assurance system is being regularly recognized by GOSSTANDARD of Russian Federation as conforming to the ISO 9002 requirements. With the enterprise access to the market the products with JSC NCCP trade name were rewarded high national and international prizes.

630110, Novosibirsk,
B. Khmelnitsky Str., 94
Tel: +7(383) 274-83-46
Fax: +7(383) 274-30-71
Teletype 133004 LIMON RU