Second isicad Forum
PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia
31 May - 2 June
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isicad-2006: PLM+ERP

See below

  • a brief summary of the questionnaires filled by the isicad-2006 attendees and
  • the references to external publications.

1. Questionnaires

In summary, about 90 questionnaires tell the following:

Organizational level of the forum: 63% - excellent, 34% - good, 3% - satisfactory.

Wish to get info about the next forum: 98% - yes.

About 65% estimated as extremely interesting the presentation of Francis Bernard (Dassault Systemes) and about 62% - the presentation of Ken Amann (CIMdata).

All three seminars (Autodesk, DS, SAP)are estimated as definitely interesting; the SAP seminar was attendeed more actively, the seminar of Autodesk was characterized as the most useful.

The most frequet comments:

  • Huge amount of information
  • Unique selection of presentations
  • A lot of useful contacts
  • Surprisingly good organization
  • More attention to practical applications!
  • Too much advertizing!
  • Parallelism of sections prevented visiting of some interesting presentations
  • More time for questions and discussions!
  • More presentations on ERP!
  • Not only Siberian but all other Russian regions should be invited
  • More reglamentation and coordination of presentations

2. Publications and Comments

2.1. "CIMdata Commentary: isicad 2006, Akademgorodok Novosibirsk, Russia":

2.2. Maria Rogovaya: "Industrial PLM-systems: The Meeting of Civilizations" will be published in the next issue of revue "Innovations. Technologies. Solutions".

2.3. Igor Mel'nik: "PLM is integrating with ERP" has been published on June, 16 in economical revue "Continent Siberia":

2.4. Youry Bereza's article in CAD/CAM/CAE Observer

2.5. Ivan Savvateev's report "ISICAD-2006: Accent on Integration of PLM and ERP" has been published in PC Week (Russian edition), N 24, p. 21, see

2.6. The isicad-2006 organizing committee is grateful to the KOMPAS company for a nice report about the forum published at (a Russian text with a lot of pictures).

2.7. Ken Amann, Director of Research CIMdata, Interview after the 1st day of isicad-2006, Novosibirsk, 31 May 2006, translated into Russian by Olga Lukashenko.