Second isicad Forum
PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia
31 May - 2 June
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isicad-2006: PLM+ERP


Topics of 2006 Forum include (but are not exhaustive of):

Informational environment of an up-to-date enterprise:

  • State-of-the-art solutions for automated design (CAD), engineering (CAE), manufacturing (CAE), business processes (ERP including SCM and other sub domains);
  • Data flows, access control, informational security, and data exchange;
  • Distribution of responsibilities among informational subsystems and among employees by means of information system;
  • Modern trends in automation of business processes, planning, design, manufacturing, collaboration inside company, with customers and suppliers.

Integration of PLM into informational environment, interoperability with ERP and other business automation systems:

  • Product lifecycle in business processes of enterprise, its relations with customers and suppliers;
  • Design, Engineering and Manufacturing data in document workflow;
  • Deployment of integrated solutions - effective utilization of informational and hardware resources,

PLM and ERP real life experience

  • Lessons learned from users
  • Pros and Cons of integrated enterprise management solutions
  • How to extend application of the systems even further,

State-ot-the-art technologies for enterprise information environment - scientific talks

  • Adding productivity to work with modern systems: more ergonomics, more automation, and more intellect
  • Intellectual technologies for data access, mining and exchange heterogeneous systems
  • Analysis planning and forecasting using in enterprise's informational environment