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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):
Solution to manage innovation for manufacturing industries

The first part of the presentation reviews the main challenges that any enterprise is facing in our global worldwide market. The environment is complex, very competitive and changing rapidly. The products are more and more sophisticated. The regulations are more and more stringent. These challenges require new initiatives which will be described in term of actions to be implemented as well as obstacles and inhibitors which must be overcome.

The second part of the presentation explains how PLM manages such challenges. PLM is a combination of three major components: a new enterprise organisation, new re-engineered business processes, and an integrated IT solution supporting the product lifecycle from concept design to service after sale in a multi-users, multi-enterprises collaborative environment. The fundamentals of PLM will be described together with its main contribution to the profitability of the enterprise.

The third part of the presentation will review the main technological breakthrough of PLM, in the engineering, Simulation, Manufacturing and Service after Sale.

As a conclusion, the presentation suggests some guidelines and recommendations to the academic and reseach community which can play an important role to sustain the evolution of the industry with PLM.

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