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Welcoming Address to the Participants of the Third isicad Forum

Chairman isicad-2008

David Levin

Four years after our first Forum, Russian and, not least, Siberian market of information technologies have expanded considerably, become stronger, more mature and effective.

The leading areas of the IT-markets — product lifecycle management (PLM, including CAD) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) — are among the key sectors ensuring industrial development.

Typical features and factors of dynamic development of CAD/PLM/ERP:

Certainly, maturing market in the civilized countries— is an objective social and economic process. At the same time, I am pleased that the projects of isicad community, staring form the first Forum in 2003, have also contributed to positive trends.

Along with three major multi-vendor Forums, isicad has organized numerous regional and federal events, exhibitions, professional discussions, etc., supported various student conferences, has been developing a leading Russian internet-portal on PLM, and has published a unique PLM Encyclopedia.

I believe that the main distinguished feature of isicad Forums — open and honest presentation of the best solutions by all leading competing vendors on the same site, in close co-operation with a wide range of users — will further encourage successful development of all, without exception, participants on the PLM+ERP market in Russia

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