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June 5, Thursday

June 6, Friday

Program isicad-2008

June 4, Wednesday

08:30Registration and coffee

Large Hall
Plenary Session: PLM

09:30Opening ceremony and introductory remarks — David Levin, LEDAS, Novosibirsk
09:35PLM: Solutions to manage innovations for manufacturing industries — Francis Bernard, ESI Group, France
10:15Digital prototype. The Autodesk solution for manufacturing — Alexander Tasev, Pavel Brouk, Autodesk, Moscow
10:55Presentation of «PLM Encyclopedia» — David Levin, LEDAS, Novosibirsk
11:30New era in product development — Andrei Petrushin, Siemens PLM Software, Yekaterinburg
12:00Comprehensive PLM-solution from Top Systems: competing with foreign packages — Sergey Kuraksin, Top Systems, Moscow
12:30PTC solutions in service and consulting — Grigory Chornobyl, Parametric Technology Corp., Moscow
13:00SolidWorks PLM — the basis for comprehensive informational system of a modern enterprise — Mikhail Kolontaev, SolidWorks Russia, Moscow

Large Hall
Autodesk Seminar

ÂModerator: Alexander Volkov, Autodesk, Moscow

Small Hall
Section «Infrastructure for PLM»

14:30Product design with Autodesk Inventor  — Alexander Skovorodin, Tomsk Software Company 14:30Managing users identification in heterogeneous systems — Anton Sinsky, Sun Microsystem, Moscow
 New functional Inventor 2009 — Arina Kashirskaya, SAPR Bureau 15:10Developing solutions on the basis of on Sun equipment — Alexander Krasuykov, Jet Infosystems, Moscow
 Resolving electrical engineering tasks with AutoCAD Electrical — Vitaly Kochergin, IDT 15:30New approaches in developing an efficient data storage infrastructure — Kirill Kostitsyn, EMC, Moscow
 Cable systems in Inventor Professional. Linking with AutoCAD Electrical — Oksana Gavrilova, Softline   

Large Hall
Autodesk Seminar (continued)

Small Hall
Round Table «PLM Technologies of Tomorrow»

Moderator: Vladimir Malukh, LEDAS
16:30Analysis and simulation in Inventor Professional — Constantine Biktimirov, PSS 16:303D-objects digitalization — Valery Routkovsky, REC ICT (Research and Education centre for Integrated Computer Technologies), Krasnoyarsk
  Publishing documentation according to the Unified System of Design Documentation — Vladimir Bachurin, Sib3 16:50LEDAS: new technologies and development experience — Vladimir Malukh, LEDAS, Novosibirsk
 Manufacturing design in AliasStudio — Andrei Seravkin, CSoft 17:10T-FLEX: new technologies — Sergey Kozlov, Top Systems, Moscow
 Q&A session 17:30Discussion
18:00Social program


Large Hall
Plenary Session: PLM+ERP

09:30Oracle solutions for manufacturing — Boris Melenevsky, Oracle, Moscow
10:10Oracle Agile PLM — Maxim Amosov, Oracle, Moscow
10:40ASCON experience and solutions: PLM without pitfalls — Maxim Bogdanov, ASCON, St Petersburg
11:40Dassault Systemes: the PLM concept — Alexander Lyagushkin, Dassault Systemes, Moscow
12:10ENOVIA PLM solutions — Oleg Shilovitsky, Dassault Systemes, USA
12:40PLM 2.0 on V6 platform — Alexander Lyagushkin, Dassault Systemes, Moscow

Large Hall
Dassault Systemes Seminar

Room 102
Section «PLM Training»

14:30Solutions for various industries — Alexander Lyagushkin, Dassault Systemes, Moscow 14:30Autodesk educational programs — Elena Shumilova, Autodesk, Moscow
15.003DVIA Composer + ENOVIA SmarTeam: PLM-solution for developing interactive technical documentation — Artem Avedyan, Dassault Systemes, Moscow 15:00«SWR-Academy» Program — Mikhail Kolontaev, SolidWorks Russia, Moscow
15.203DVIA Virtools. Selling virtual products or PLM in the work of marketing and sales departments — Ilya Viger, VE-Group 15:30Training engineers: ASCON contribution — Oleg Zykov, ASCON, Moscow
   15.50Top Systems educational programs — Sergey Kuraksin, Top Systems, Moscow
16:30PLM as a tool for consolidating production assets — Igor Volkov, Bee Pitron, St Petersburg 16:30CAD for training of architects and constructors — Vladimir Talapov, Novosibirsk State Architecture and Construction University, Novosibirsk
17.00FlowVision HPC — an innovative product for multidisciplinary tasks performance  — Alexander Schelaev Ùå, TESIS, Nizhny Novgorod 16.50Using CAD in basic graphic training — Constantine Volkhin, Siberian State University of ÑÃÓÏÑ, Novosibirsk
17.30Hetnet Consulting experience in implementing PLM-solutions in the Russian industry — Nikolai Lyaskovsky, Hetnet Consulting, Moscow 17.10«Aviation Industry» Research and Educational Center in Novosibirsk State Technical University — Nikolai Kurlaev, NSTU, Novosibirsk
   17.30CAD review for technical educational institutions — Alexei Leibov, NAK, Novosibirsk
   17.50Comprehensive program of PLM training for software engineers — Dmitry Ushakov, LEDAS, Novosibirsk
18:00Social program


Large Hall
Plenary Session: PLM

09:30Windchill MPM Link: an integrated solution for pre-production automation — Andrei Volkov, Pro|TECHNOLOGIES, Moscow
10:00All-round design automation in development organizations — Andrei Seravkin, CSoft, Moscow
10:30End-to-end manufacturing control in CAD/CAM/CAPP ADEM and interaction with various PLM, MES and ERP — Vasily Lovygin, ADEM, Tomsk
11:30Key problems in implementing PLM-solutions — Nikolai Lyaskovsky, Hetnet Consulting, Moscow
12:10T-FLEX: from simple to complex — Sergey Kuraksin, Sergey Kozlov, Top Systems, Moscow

Large Hall
SolidWorks Seminar

Moderator: Mikhail Kolontaev, SolidWorks Russia

Room 102
Section «Implementation Experience»

14:30Scalable solution SWR-PLM 2008 14:30Manufacturing planning and control automation on the basis of PLM and ERP integration — Constantine Kulga, Ufa State Aviation Technical University
 SWR-PDM and SWR-WorkFlow — the basis of PLM-environment for SolidWorks solutions 15:00Adaptable system for managing enterprise infrastructure — Edward Schavelev, «Vizar-Technologies» Ltd., Novosibirsk
 Manufacturing control using SWR-Technology 15:20Integrating PDM and ERP. NCCP experience with mySAP Business Suite application — Yuri Ibraev, Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant, Novosibirsk
 Q&A session 15:40Why we didn’t buy PLM in 2007? — Sergey Soloboev, Uniscan, Novosibirsk

Small Hall
Round Table with all vendors«Vendors — Customers — Press»

Moderators: Elena Goretkina (PC Week), Vladimir Malukh (


Closing ceremony. Buffet and social program

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