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1. News & trends in PLM/PDM

PLM is getting traction as a industry direction and becomes accepted as a business strategy by many customers. Nevertheless, there are lots of debates about what PLM is actually need to become - strategy, application, vision, platform etc. The discussion in this working group will be around what we see as the top challenges and opportunities for PLM in the coming decade:
— Challenges: Simplicity, Alternative Business Models, Openness, Beyond Engineering, noPLM
— Opportunities: Competition, Social Applications, Regulation and Sustainability, Cost

Discussion topics:

  • Top PLM challenges in the next decade
  • Digital Prototyping vs. Full-Scale PLM?
  • What will be the next CAD data management paradigms?
  • How social application can influence PLM?
  • Open-source PLM/PDM
  • Integrated PLM-ERP-MES Systems
  • Cloudy PLM
  • PLM, sustainability and green

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