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7. Perspectives of Building Information Modeling and its impact on AEC market

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of generation and management of building/construction data during its lifecycle. BIM consists in using AEC CAD tools for creation of the common information model of a building/construction that is shared for collaborative development among several teams of architects and engineers. The building information model consists the description of geometry, spatial relations, geographic data, material properties, etc. Participants of this workgroup will discuss new tools and technologies for creation and management BIM data.

Moderator: Pavel Khanzhenkov, Autodesk


  • Parametric modeling of buildings – pros and contras
      At the moment the market is split up, some people think 3D is just a beautiful toy, arguing that for the real work 2D drawings are ought to be enough, while others believe 3D is really useful technology and see it as the future. Let's try to understand where the truth lies.
  • Willingness of the market for 3D, 4D, 5D technology
      In some countries, these technologies are already being applied, let’s discuss the readiness of the Russian market for such technologies.
  • Application of new technologies in Russian design organizations
      Actual industrial application - a key factor in the successful use of new technologies. The Roundtable would like to discuss the key trends, difficulties and problems to be solved in the process of application of new technologies.
  • Sustainable Design
      Very popular subject now, we’d like to discuss what is actually being done in this direction in Russia.
  • Prospects for the AEC & BIM industry in Russia
      Each participant will be able to speak about his vision of further development of this industry.


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