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08:30 Registration, welcome coffee
Attention! Access to the Forum video and audio materials is free. Access to the copyrighted presentations on the isicad web sites available through login and password, which to be passed to participants of the Forum only. The authors can publish their presentations on their own. All materials are mostly in Russian.
09:30 Opening ceremony. David Levin   Video
09:35 Invited talk. Brad Holtz, Cyon Research: A vision of global market dynamics for design and engineering software, including results and implications of recent surveys of the global engineering software community   PDF  Video (in 6 parts)
10:30 General Partner's presentation. Martin Steuer, Autodesk: Role of sustainable design in manufacturing. Autodesk Vision   PDF   Video (in 2 parts)
10:45 General Partner's presentation. Anna Sergunina, HP: Future of product documentation. Opening of Large Format HP Printers demonstration   PDF   Video
10:50 isicad community awards   Video
11:00 Coffee
      Plenary session. Moderated by Brad Holtz
11:30 Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM: The Future of TLAs in Engineering Software   PDF   Video
11:35 Laurent Valroff, Dassault Systemes, Kristine Kirchner, EXALEAD: About EXALEAD   Video
11:50 Sergey Kuraksin, Top Systems: Can a world-class CAD/PLM system come from Russia?   PDF   Video
12:00 Deelip Menezes, Sycode: Intelligent methods of 3D-modeling   PDF   Video
12:05 Bruno Chollat, SpaceClaim: The Role of 3D Direct Modeling in the Product Development Cycle   PDF   Video
12:20 Dmitry Ushakov, LEDAS: Direct Modeling: in Search of Silver Bullet   PDF   Video
12:25 Maksim Egorov, Nanosoft: New business models for engineering software   PDF   Video
12:35 Oleg Zykov, ASCON: Russian CAD companies will not wait for imported wings to take off to clouds   PDF   Video
12:45 Anton Dzhoraev, NVIDIA: New graphical capabilities to support next CAD generation   PDF  Video
13:00 Lunch, restaurant Kutuzov
Round tables/Working Groups
14:00 1. News & trends in PLM/PDM 
Moderator: Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM

 Audio (19.1 MB)
7. News & trends in AEC BIM 
Moderator: Pavel Khanzhenkov, Autodesk

 Audio (22.9 MB)
2. Intelligent methods of 3D-modelling 
Moderator: Deelip Menezes, SYCODE,

 Audio (21.7 MB)
15:00 Coffee
Round tables/Working GroupsForum Partner's seminar
15:15 3. Marketing and advertising in the era of social change 
Elena Konvisar, Neolant
Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM

 Audio (24.3 MB)
4. CAD training for future engineers 
Moderator: Vladimir Talapov, SIBSTRIN

 Audio (18.8 MB)
Joint seminar of Appius and 1C: Industrial application of PLM tools on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform
 Audio (Part 1, 10.9 MB)
 Audio (Part 2, 5.14 MB)
16:15 Coffee
Round tables/Working GroupsForum Partner's seminar
16:45 5. New business models for engineering software 
Moderator: Dmitry Popov, Nanosoft

 Audio (18.3 MB)
6. New hardware technologies for engineering software 
Moderator: Vladimir Malukh, LEDAS, isicad

 Audio (21.7 MB)
Joint seminar of Appius and 1C: Industrial application of PLM tools on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform (continued)
 Audio (Part 3, 4.79 MB)
17:45 Coffee
18:00 Round table of WG moderators and vendors press conference
 WG moderators (in 4 parts)   Questions & answers (in 4 parts)
19:00 Buffet Party, restaurant Denis Davydov


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