Constraint-based Approaches and Methods of Mathematical Modelling for Intelligent CAD/CAM/CAE systems: From Methods to Applications

21-23 June 2004, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia

21-23 June 2004 по-русски


Professor Dominique MICHELUCCI

A perspective after thirty years of Geometric Constraints Solving

In 1975, for his PhD, Michel Buthion programs in Fortran the first -or one of the first- geometric expert system for solving by ruler and compass 2D geometric problems (Prolog is not yet available at this time). Thus Geometric Constraints Solving is a topic of active research in Computer Science since 30 years now, with diverse applications (CADCAM, robotics, Computer Graphics, educational softwares such as Cabri Geometre, mathematical research, constraint programming...). This talk will try to give a perspective: what's next? Which are the current scientific locks, the promising threads of research, the marginal or forgotten approaches to unearth?

    Dominique Michelucci is born in 1959 in France. He obtains a PhD of Computer Sciences in 1987 and a diploma of architect in 1989. He is professor of Computer Sciences in Dijon, France, since 2001. His research involves geometric modeling, robustness of geometric computations and related arithmetic topics, shape matching in medical applications, geometric constraints. In 2003 and 2004, he is one of the organizers of french CNRS meetings around geometric constraints solving.

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