The Organizing Committee of isiCAD-2004, the LEDAS Company, and their partners in the Russian Academy of Sciences announce forthcoming publication of the following volumes:

    1. Proceedings of isiCAD-2004, including all the papers presented to the conference,
    2. A volume of selected isiCAD-2004 papers within the Proceedings of ICCM-2004, The International Conference on Computational Mathematics,
    3. A special volume of the Proceedings of IMCP'04: Interval Mathematics and Constraint Propagation methods.

    The above-mentioned three books will be published by June 21 with a formal publication status (registered according to the laws of the Russian Federation). These books will be viewed as commercial editions only in those cases where this does not disagree with any other publication plans, including (but not limited to) those outlined below.

    1. Published and distributed among isiCAD-2004 participants; restrictedly available at

    2, 3. Published as the 3rd volume of the ICCM-2004 Proceedings

    Publishers in Novosibirsk will also work on the preparation of

    1. Electronic version of the Proceedings isiCAD-2004, which will be published if this does not contradict any other (for example, commercial) publication plans.

    4. So far implemented as a publication of presentations.

    The Organizing Committee of isiCAD-2004 is strongly committed to publish

    1. A revised version of isiCAD Proceedings by a respectable publisher like Springer Verlag. The area and spirit of the isiCAD activities suggests basing such a publication on the pattern of LNCS or the well-known Bruderlin and Roller's book (i.e. with lecture chapters, state of the art, and applications).

    The Novosibirsk team is ready to invest the necessary effort and funds into the attractive option № 5 and hopes to receive your advice regarding the choice of a publisher, genre, accents, composition of the editorial board, and other issues. It appears natural to receive papers for such an edition not only from the participants of isiCAD-2004. The paper submission deadline for № 5 is set for September 15, 2004.

    5. The isicad Organizing Committee confirms this commitment; all your proposals are welcome; call for papers to appear soon.

    David Levin
    Chairman of the isicad Organizing Committee

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