Presentations of companies on solutions, products, and tendencies:

    Francis BERNARD
    Dassault Systemes
    Winning through Innovation
    (Talk & presentation)


    Dominique FLORACK
    Dassault Systemes, R&D Exec VP
    PLM Research: Breakthrough Technologies for Tomorrow Products


    Dassault Systemes
    PLM Research: Breakthrough Technologies for Tomorrow Products


    Dmitry USHAKOV
    , Ledas
    iPLM strategy: adding intelligence to PLM software


    Roman LYGIN, Open CASCADE
    1. Traditional and innovative approaches in Open CASCADE Technology and Salome CAD/CAE platforms.
    2. Open CASCADE SA as a successful example of Open Source-based business model


PLM news


    The exhibition "Solutions, Products, and Technologies in PLM, Computer Graphics, and Modeling" is intended to complement the presentations and lectures by leading international and Russian developers and vendors on the agenda of isiCAD-2004. Broad participation of industrial customers and application developers will create numerous opportunities for contacts between all the parties...

    Sergey EVSIKOV, Ascon
    ASCON: Comprehensive manufacturing support solutions. Fifteen years of improving enterprise efficiency through IT


    Andrew BYKOV, Omega ADEM Technologies Ltd.
    High-performance technologies for preparation of production based on ADEM - an integrated CAD/CAM/CAPP system


    Nikolai LYASKOVSKY, Agromashholding
    A pilot project of Krasnoyarsk Combine-Harvester Plant aimed at developing an automated, CATIA, SMARTEAM and TekhnoPro based system for design and technological tuning of production process


    Vasili LOVYGIN, Omega ADEM Technologies Ltd.
    Effectiveness of the design-automation system and preparation of production - application and maintenance experience of CAD/CAM/CAPP ADEM in the Tomsk plants.


    Helen MUROVANNAYA, SolidWorks Russia
    SolidWorks Russia as a provider of up-to-date computer technologies for CAD


    Pavel GOLDOVSKY, HetNet
    Application of CATIA Knowledgeware for design and technological tuning of production process


    Pavel BRUK, UGS PLM Solutions
    Product lifecycle management concept for increasing product quality and competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises.


    Victor ABAKUMOV, UGS PLM Solutions
    The technologies of knowledge utilization in modern products of UGS PLM Solutions


    Evgeny RUBINSTEIN, Proficiency
    Proficiency: Introduction and Overview


    Andrey VOLKOV, RAND Worldwide division in CIS
    RAND Worldwide: experience, strategies, perspectives


    Vladimir KOVALEVSKY, RAND Worldwide division in CIS
    RAND Worldwide: vision of PLM technologies, implementation methodology


    Vitaly TALDYKIN, Top Systems Ltd.
    T-FLEX CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM - integrated design solutions from Russia


    Ivo LIPSTE, Colla, Ltd.
    Modern Trends in CAM Systems: Approaches and Practical Results


    Andrew SUVOROV, ComputerAge
    CATIA - new look. The Art of technologies or technology for Art


    Vyacheslav KLIMOV, Parametric Technology
    Integral CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Environment Based on Windchill and Pro/ENGINEER


    Sergey KOZLOV, Top Systems Ltd.
    Technologies Used in Development of T-FLEX CAD 2D & 3D

Organizing Committee

    David LEVIN
    Organizing Committee Chairman

    We want to make the preparations for isiCAD-2004 as open and cooperative as possible and thus invite everybody to contribute to the creation of a balanced and focused domain for the workshop. You are welcome to suggest and formulate new accents that can reasonably define requirements for intelligence of the PLM and its constituents. You are welcome to suggest topics for the isiCAD website forum that can prepare more fruitful discussion during the workshop. And of course you are welcome to submit your papers and presentations to isiCAD-2004.


    LEDAS Ltd. is the initiator and principal organizer of isiCAD-2004. LEDAS is a private software company founded in 1999 and located in Novosibirsk, Russia. LEDAS developed a state-of-the-art proprietary technology based on constraint programming, and applies it for PLM tasks.

21-23 June 2004  -

General Info

General info
(arrival, transport, weather, registration, evening programme, etc.)

Schedule      Exhibition


    Constraint-based Approaches and Methods of Mathematical Modelling for Intelligent CAD/CAM/CAE systems: From Methods to Applications

    Third Call For Papers

Programme Committee
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    Andre CLEMENT, Dassault Systemes, France (chairman)

    Vladimir FROLOVSKY, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia

    Xio-Shan GAO, Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Christoph M. HOFFMANN, Purdue University, Indiana, USA

    R. Baker KEARFOTT, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

    Vladik KREINOVICH, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA

    Dominique MICHELUCCI, Universite de Bourgogne, France

    Dimitri PLEMENOS, University of Limoges, France

    Martin REISER, Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, Germany

    Alexander SEMENOV, Ershov Institute of Informatics Systemes, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

    Jury SUHANOV, CAD/CAM/CAE Observer International Magazine, Latvia

    Roopinder TARA, TenLinks, USA

    Enn TYUGU, Institute of Cybernetics, Estonia

Invited Talks

    Dominique MICHELUCCI
    A perspective after thirty years of Geometric Constraints Solving


    Xiao-Shan GAO
    Automation of Geometric Theorem Proving, Discovering and Diagram Generation


    Dimitri PLEMENOS
    Arithmetic and geometric constraint satisfaction techniques for declarative scene modelling


    R. Baker KEARFOTT

    Validated Constraint Solving - Practicalities, Pitfalls, and New Developments


    Jean-Paul LAUMOND

    Motion planning for PLM: State of the Art and Perspectives


    Christoph M. HOFFMANN

    Geometric Constraint Solving

Analytical, review talks, and discussions

    Roopinder TARA
    1. 2D to 3D: when will the revolution be over?
    2. Autodesk Dominance - Is it Permanent?


    Evan YARES
    The cracked foundation: How hidden flaws undermine the acceptance of advanced software technology


    Vladimir MALIUKH

    Intelligent capabilities for small CAD systems: problems and perspectives


    Vladimir ZAKHAROV, Ascon
    Modern CAD development industry in Russia. A unique path or integrating into the world division of labor? ASCON experience


    Andrew SINELNIKOV, CS Development
    Difficulties of comprehensive PLM application in industry

isiCAD: International Workshop 'Constraint-based Approaches and Methods of Mathematical Modelling for Intelligent CAD/CAM/CAE systems: From Methods to Applications'. Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia To make the reference from any website, you can use banners from the list of official isiCAD banners.

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PLM news

04 Dec 2006 Russia's UMPO to Use Top System T-FLEX CAD in 2D, 3D Design

MOSCOW, Russia, December 4, 2006 - Top Systems, a leading provider of parametric design solutions, today announced Ufa Engine Industrial Association, Russias largest aircraft engine producer, has standardized on T-FLEX CAD software, Top Systems value-based 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system. The Ufa Engine Industrial Association (the UMPO in Russian) produces aircraft engines, engines for tractors, gas pumping and power units, as well as cutlery and other products.


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