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Second isicad Forum
PLM+ERP: Informational Environment of Modern Enterprise
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia
29 May - 2 June
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isicad-2006: PLM+ERP

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PLM and ERP Glossary

PLM and ERP Glossary

This glossary contains brief definitions of about 30 terms that can be most frequently encountered while describing computer-aided activity of manufacturing enterprises. Today, such activity is primarily understood as application of product life-cycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) that, in their turn, consist of component-subsystems mentioned in this glossary. Most of the terms used in the domain of industry automation have stable English abbreviations that since recently are widely used in Russian technical texts. Therefore the Russian version of the glossary is built as an English-Russian dictionary: each English abbreviation is initially explained in English, then it is directly translated into Russian, and finally is described in less than 100 Russian words. The English version below presents only English explanations of English terms.

  • AEC CAD, Architecture Engineering and Construction CAD
  • BOM, Bill of Material
  • CAD, Computer-Aided Design
  • CAE, Computer-Aided Engineering
  • CAM, Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • CAPP, Computer-Aided Process Planning
  • CAx, Computer-Aided
  • CIM, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
  • CNC, Computerized Numerical Control
  • CPD, Collaborative Product Development
  • cPDM, collaborative Product Definition Management
  • CRM, Customer Relationship Management
  • CRP, Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • DMU, Digital Mock-Up
  • DNC, Distributed Numerical Control
  • ECAD, Electronic CAD
  • EDA, Electronic Design Automation
  • ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning
  • HRM, Human Resource Management
  • MCAD, Mechanical CAD
  • MDA, Mechanical Design Automation
  • MES, Manufacturing Execution System
  • MPM, Manufacturing Process Management
  • MPS, Master Production Schedule
  • MRP, Material Requirement Planning
  • MRP II, Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • PDM, Product Data Management
  • PLM, Product Lifecyle Management
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • SCM, Supply Chain Management

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