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Dominique Michelucci

Dominique Michelucci isicad.ru: ADG 2004, USA

16-18 2004 . , , " ". (!) , .

-2004 : (John Owen, Xiaoshan Gao, Meera Sitharam,...), (Britta Broser, Francisco Botana, Tomas Recio), , (Ileana Streinu), (Doron Zeilberger) ..


Planar Generalized Stewart Platforms and their Direct Kinematics.
Guifang Zhang, Xiaoshan Gao.

Spatial Planning and Geometric Optimization: Combining Configuration Space and Energy Methods.
Dmytro Chibisov, Ernest W. Mayr, Sergey Pankratov.

Decidability in Dynamic Geometry.
Britta M. Broser. - Cindarella.

Computational Origami Construction of Heptagon.
Judit Robu, Dorin Tepeneu, Tetsuo Ida, Hidekazu Takahashi, Bruno Buchberger. , .

Folding Carpenter's Rules, Robot Arms, Proteins: a Combinatorial Approach.
Ileana Streinu. - 2D. . http://www.cs.smith.edu/~streinu/Research/research.html.

Computations of area and radius of cyclic polygons given by length of sides.
Pavel Pech. Distance geometry.

Are all 3-connected Generic Constriant Configurations of Points on a Plane Non-radical.
John Owen, S.C. Power.

Towards a Geometric-Object-Oriented Language.
Tielin Liang, Dongming Wang.

Solving minimal, wellconstrained 3D geometric constraint systems: combinatorial optimization of algebraic complexity.
Meera Sitharam, Joerg Peters, Yong Zhou.

A Tractable, Approximate, Combinatorial 3D rigidity characterization.
Meera Sitharam, Yong Zhou.

Implicitization of trigonometric planar bounday curves symbolic and hybrid methods.
Daniel A. Lichtblau.

Solving Space Orthogonality Problems in a 2D Drawing.
Pierre J. Mace, Dominique Michelucci.

Ekhad' Plane Geometry Textbook as an Iconic Example of Future Math.
Doron Zeilberger.

Calculating Convex Hulls of Semi-Algebraic Subsets of the Plane Symbolically.
Christopher W. Brown.

Towards solving the dynamic geometry bottleneck via a symbolic approach.
Francisco Botana, Tomas Recio. ( ADG - 2006 ).

Mechanical Theorem Proving in Computational Geometry.
Laura I. Meikle, Jacques D. Fleuriot. Isabelle.

Induced Incidences in the Projective Plane.
Pascal Schreck, Dominique Michelucci, Jean-Paul Jurzak.

Proving Geometric Theorems by Partitioned-Parametric Grobner Bases
Xuefeng Chen, P. Li, L. Lin, Dingkang Wang. ( Xiaoshan Gao).

- . Timothy Havel - , Grassman-Cayley, distance geometry.





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